Exhibitors for 2017

If you wish to become one of our exhibitors for 2017 there are still places available. The cost for a six foot space will be £20 for the weekend and this will also include sandwiches for each lunchtime. We will be able to set up on the Friday night or first thing Saturday morning. If you wish to join us then please email on helen@harbour-wools.co.uk

Exhibitors for 2017

Harbour Crystals & Wools 

Gorgeous Yarns

Quiet Magic by Elaine

Piskie Knits by Norma 

Liz Edwards for crochet toys and mobiles

Knit One Weave One by Jo McIntosh for textiles

Knit & Stitch by Sue Durham

Pips & Co weaving and spinning equipment with roving wools

Sue Trembath felted pictures